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    Xeno Müller Rowing Coach

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    Waterrower is a fun way to stay fit.

    Concept2 users love the change of pace when rowing my Signature Waterrower.  

    • Have fun rowing to our over 50 hours of complimentary digital workout videos lead by Xeno.

    "Why Waterrower?"

    Waterrower has a comfortable seat, unlike any other rowing machine.

    Waterrower's handle is comfortable because it is ergonomically designed to keep your forearm muscles loose while you row.

    When you row, enjoy the gentle swishing sound of water, which allows you to row in quiet places such as the living room while watching TV or listening to music.  

    With the Waterrower you can do more than just rowing.  The open pulley system allows for standing strength exercises which build your core and upper body.  

    Feet position on the Waterrower are like rowing in a boat.

    Let's row together until we are 300 years young!

  • Signature Waterrower | Free Shipping in USA
  • Signature Waterrower | Free Shipping in USA

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