• Signature Waterrower | 80 Digital Workouts and Stroke Analysis

    Xeno Müller Rowing Coach

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    Waterrower is a fun way to stay fit.

    Concept2 users love the change of pace when rowing my Signature Waterrower.  

    • Enjoy a complimentary coaching session with the purchase of a Signature Waterrower and have fun rowing to over 50 hours of indoor rowing workouts lead by me. 
    "Concept2 vs. Waterrower?"  Often, I am being asked this question by rowers who only train on Concept2 machines.

    I use both machines for different purposes.  The beginning part will favor the Waterrower, but see why I also like the Concept2!  

    But first some simple comparisons.

    Waterrower has a more comfortable seat, whereas C2 seat is as hard as it gets.  It is not unusual that rowers get butt sores.

    Waterrower's handle is arguably more comfortable because it is ergonomically designed to keep your forearm muscles loose while you row.

    WR has a swishing sound of water which is enjoyable, and allows a workout to take place while other people might be watching TV or listening to music.  The Concept2 has more of  a chain "noise" mixed with the louder sound of a fan.  

    On the Waterrower you can do standing strength exercises to build your core.  This is possible because the handle has more range of movement and the water resistance tank keeps the rower from moving around.  I have a list of very effective exercises that can be done on the Waterrower that will surprise any conventional indoor rower.

    Waterrower allows for longer catches, whereas on the Concept2 the structure that supports the performance monitor hinders rowers from fully hanging off their limbs at the catch.

    Feet position on the Waterrower are more like rowing in a boat, whereas the Concept2 spreads the feet position apart because of the size of the monorail. 

    I do row both in different locations, Waterrower in my living room, and  Concept2 in my garage because of noise and size, whereas the the Waterrower is smaller in size and blends with the furniture when I stow it away vertically.

    So why do I use two different rowers?!

    I do my steady state workouts on Waterrower, using stroke rates ranging between 18-28.  I love losing myself in the rhythmic swishing sound of the water tank.  To break up the longer rows, I do my core muscle exercises and my one arm rowing drills.

    The more aggressive workouts I do on the Concept2, anything higher than stroke rate 28.  Then I compare those results with others whom I raced against directly in college and many more who I met over the internet and the Concept2.com world ranking!  :-)

    Rowing is part of my lifestyle, I therefore own two machines.  I like to feel the difference between the two rowers.   Tennis players have more than one racquet, cyclist have more than one bike, runners have more than one pair of shoes, and the list goes on and on.

    I know winter is coming.  Just yesterday Rapid City has seen its earliest snowfall since 1888!  For those of you who love rowing outside, I highly recommend outfitting your indoor rowing arsenal with a Waterrower. 
    The signature Waterrower comes with a complimentary stroke analysis and a set of fun indoor rowing workouts which will keep you happy during the winter months.

    ROW ON!

  • Signature Waterrower | 80 Digital Workouts and Stroke Analysis
  • Signature Waterrower | 80 Digital Workouts and Stroke Analysis
  • Signature Waterrower | 80 Digital Workouts and Stroke Analysis

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