• Whitehall Double Rowing Boat - Xeno Müller Signature

    Xeno Müller Rowing Coach

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     Xeno Muller won gold in 1996 and Silver in 2000 and held the Olympic record for single scull for 16 years. He is one of a handful of single scullers who rowed faster than 6 minutes and 40 seconds for the Olympic sprint distance. Today Xeno instructs coaches and rowers worldwide at www.xencoach.com. About the Solo 14™  and Tango 17™ he says: “When I row these boat three of my passions come together all at once, family, health, and rowing. They are ‘All Water’ sculling boats, perfect for rowing in calms or wind and waves. The ideal training platform for beginners of any age to learn a proper rowing stroke. Excellent for rowing clubs to retain older members and gain new ones and also for families to enjoy the art and sport of sculling while geting fit and staying healthy. They also enable rowers to extend the rowing season an in many areas row all year round”




    See the 5 minute Video on the Whitehall Spirit® Solo14™

    Watch the video of Xeno Muller rowing the Whitehall Spirit® Tango 17™

    “Now my goal is to make the world row. Rowing on a machine is one of the most efficient and accessible sports available, yet highly un known. Even more unknown, is a relatively new concept, the Whitehall Spirit® sculling boats. When I first rowed them I realized here is the missing link to getting everyone rowing, whether younger or older, families or friends. A Solo 14™ glides securely on the water. Scull it to places where you have never dared exploring before. With this boat you can enjoy a rowing experience that comes from a place beyond competition. It’s more fulfilling and rewarding with it’s fitness benefits and connection with nature.”