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    Xeno Müller Elite Rowing Coach

  • $1,400.00

  • Description

    "A great coxswain can transform a good crew into an awesome crew!"  

    • When I raced for Brown University we had exceptional coxswains.  They were taught by the greatest coaches.  
    • I can coach you into an elite coxswain.
    • Learn what drills make an eight stay on keel, how to instruct the crew to improve their catches and keep the finish puddles tight; reduce the "rush", and gain more run between puddles.
    • Help rowers improve their understanding of power application and much more.
    • Send your coxswain's view footage twice per month and get it analyzed. 
    • Enjoy constant contact with me through phone, email, text messaging. 

    Contact me directly to find out how this coaching package becomes complimentary.  949-400-7630

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