Get a new workout every week! Healthy - Safe - Fun.

Enjoy a new workout a week with Xeno’s indoor rowing workouts. Follow his lead and learn the
right technique, have fun, break a sweat and have a smile at the end of each workout. You will
gradually ease into more challenging rows and notice your stamina improve.

5 Things You Need to Know when You’re Rowing

From treadmills to barbells, so many exercise programs promise new body shapes and healthier
lives. With a WaterRower it is possible to transform your body in a healthy way and develop a
passion for your workout.
  The life of an elite rower is an amazing experience against breathtaking landscapes. Just close
your eyes and imagine gliding across the Lake of the Gods in Lucerne, Switzerland in your sleek
one-person rowing shell. The steam is rising up from the warm lake water into the cool
morning air. The sun is just beginning to light up the sky against the jagged mountain peaks.
You can hear the water running beneath you, as you put your oars in and push your rowing
shell out from under you with your legs.

These are the childhood memories of Olympic gold and silver medalist, Xeno Müller. Twenty
years ago he was a feared competitor and one of the fastest rowers of all time. Today Xeno
resides in Costa Mesa, CA and is the most successful high school rowing coach in the world.
Each year his students rank in the top five of their recruiting class for college and most
represent the United States at the World Rowing Junior Championships.
Here are Xeno’s five tips to help you enjoy your WaterRower:


1. Start from Where You Are
Don’t kill yourself on your first workout. Most people go out to strong and end up frustrated.
Start with a nice easy workout. If you can’t hold a conversation while you are doing the
workout – you are going too strong. Small improvements are the building blocks of great
achievements. This approach will help you build a life long enjoyment of your WaterRower.

2. It is Mainly Legs
Pushing your hip joint away from the footboard with your legs, gives you the most efficient
momentum at the beginning of the rowing stroke. The legs are some of your largest muscles
and can get that water swooshing around.

3. Set Some Goals
Base your workouts on the benefits you wish to create. Want to climb a flight of stairs without
losing your breath? Training for a long hike? Cross training for a running race, or triathlon?
These all have dramatically different workout plans. Set a goal. Write it down. Then simply
make sure you are working the plan, which will help you achieve your goal.

4. Do It for You
No one benefits when you hold yourself back. You need to believe in yourself. Start your
workout plan and try to finish every workout. Miss a day? Don’t beat yourself up. Just do the
workout for the day. Sick? Take a break. Your body needs to heal. This will enable you to
progress at the pace your body can handle.

5. Be Happy
Your situation will never make you happy, unless you choose to be happy. The WaterRower
gives you the sound and motion of rowing across a majestic lake. Transport yourself to that lake
when you sit down and strap your feet to the foot stretcher. Then do the workout as
prescribed – if you feel you can go faster, revel in the feeling of power, but don’t go outside
the workout parameters.
“To get the most out of your life, you have to put energy into it,” says Xeno. Hopefully these
tips will help you to transform your life into something more beneficial and help you to achieve
your goals.

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