From Henry, California
Hello Parents,
I have tried several times to do a video testimonial - but I guess unlike Xeno - I am not a great on-camera speaker.
My name is Henry and I want to tell you that over the past 8+ years -  Xeno MULLER has helped both my son's achieve their target 2K Erg scores. 
In the case of my older son...Xeno helped him drop correct technique flaws with a resulting drop his 2K time by over 10 seconds. This improvement happened in the few  weeks during one of his spring breaks. We have the video of the result. 
In the case of my younger son -who just graduated high school - I'm not at liberty  to tell you his exact level of gains over his time with Xeno, however , I can tell you that we are all  VERY VERY HAPPY with the results.
As a parent WITHOUT unlimited funds what can we really do to help our children achieve their goals...actually very little.
They must do the work .
They must have the desire...
They must succesfully perform in ongoing seat races and look forward to the countless hours  on the ERG that both build their stamina and help form their character. 
They must completely  attack each grueling practice with sometimes less than the ideal amount of sleep because carrying a full load of AP CLASSES has its own special challenges. 
They must give their all in each race  till they are past the finish line regardless of where they have placed.
Finally-  all that effort needs to be blessed as the time is short and the competition gets better every year. 
So - one off the few things we CAN DO is try to get them the best training. 
In the case of achieving milestone  Erg score improvements-  we looked to Xeno who had already achieved his ELITE dream of Olympic Gold and was both willing to help and does it with a POSITIVE motivating style. 
I can't tell you what will work for your kids...but I can tell you what worked for my mine. 
Hope to see you this summer.
P.S. If you have addittional.questions Xeno can forward you my cell #


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Mallory G.


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Kailas' rowing experience with Elite Coaching


Congratulations on your continued success.  There is no doubt that all the knowledge you share with your students is invaluable and that you are able to change lives with the mentoring you provide .  
A few months back I believe you were looking for testimonials and I just wanted to lend my words to that cause.  
On your website I had seen a claim that you were able to lower a 2 k erg score by 10 seconds in just one month. At that point, I was parent of a new rower  and had no idea what an amazing feat that would be. Unfortunately, we did not have a month as my daughter had an indoor competition just a few weeks away. You created a mini intensive camp for her and in just two weeks you were able to improve her stroke and reduce her erg score by seven seconds.  My daughter is a young, multisport athlete and does not yet demonstrate the desire or passion to be truly successful under your tutelage. However, if anyone has a child who is passionate about rowing, dreaming of rowing in college and in need of a better erg score there cannot possibly be a better coach to help them accomplish this dream! If the time comes that my daughter decides she wants to row in college there is no doubt we will be hoping to work with Xeno Muller once again!!!! 
Xeno you are kind, caring, passionate and professional... Feel free to use my words or share my contact info with anyone in need of a reference. I know our time with you was short but we could not have been more impressed!
Susan Donlan
Evergreen, CO
Mother of Claire



Dear Xeno,

I hope all is well with you. You coached me back in the spring of 2013 through until the fall of that year and under your guidance and support I managed to increase my fitness, row the single faster/more efficiently, and win some big races. Within 6 months of working with you, I made the Canadian National Team at the age of 20. 
This past summer, my teammates and I won Gold in the Men's Quad at the U23 World Rowing Championships. It was an unbelievable career defining moment and one that I will never forget. I have spent the last few months sending these kinds of emails to everyone who has helped me along the way and now I am passing it onto you. 
Thank you for everything you have taught me. Everyday I look for small ways to not only become a better athlete and teammate, but a better individual. The photo I attached is us just as we cross the finish line. I am on the far left in stroke seat. Looking forward to hearing back from you!
Kind Regards,
Taylor Perry
        September 15, 2015
        Xeno Müller,
        I wanted to write you a note to express our deep gratitude for all you did with Kristen as
        she chose to make rowing a part of her college experience.
        At first, thinking about hiring a coach who would work with Kristen over the internet
        seemed not only unusual, but struck as ineffective.
        But after only a few days, and those first videos analyzing Kristen’s stroke (and making us
        all laugh), we realized that you had the ability and program to share your experience and
        ability as a rower and coach to improve her technique and results.
        What we really came to appreciate about you came as the months went on, when we
        realized that Kristen could use you not just for technique, but to provide her with
        encouragement, guidance, perspective, and confidence as she balanced training,
        schoolwork, and the demands of the college process. We will forever remember having
        Kristen tell us she was going to “ask Xeno” when it came to her having to make a
        decision. You have become a trusted person in her life.
        While we value the opportunities your time with Kristen made happen, which she could
        not have done it without you, we most appreciate how you did it. Thanks for caring.
        If there is anything we can do for you in the future, please don’t hesitate to reach out.
        All the Best,
        Rob and Deb Bowman

    • Bruce P. 

    Eighteen months ago, during the early summer of 2013, I told my son he had a decision to make.  He could take rowing seriously or just have fun.  He was sixteen years old and had just pulled his first sub-7:00 2K.  I explained that each additional second would be harder and harder to come by but if he continued on the path he was on, the sky was the limit.  He opted to go for it.


    While his erg scores continued to drop over the next few months, the pace of decrease slowed drastically.  Now fully committed to rowing, and to rowing in college, we decided to bring in a pro.  I found Xeno Muller on the Internet, his name was everywhere, and sent off an introductory e-mail.  As much of a “celebrity” as a rower can be, I was skeptical that Xeno would get back to me, let alone be able to take my son on.  I was astounded at how responsive he was.  Xeno immediately responded to my initial list of questions and, after a brief chat that same afternoon, we signed up.


    The rest is history.  Another 40 seconds off my son’s 2K score, podium finishes at national and international regattas, selection to the US Junior National Team, and official recruiting visits to Ivy League and powerhouse IRA programs on both coasts.  This week my son was accepted for admission by the school of his dreams and is looking forward to collegiate and international rowing at the highest level.


    While there is no doubt that an extraordinary amount of effort and dedication, both on the erg and in school, was required for my son to realize his goals, it wouldn’t have been possible without Xeno.  His personal approach, extreme availability, and light-hearted approach to life and rowing made all the difference in the world.  Our investment in Xeno’s elite coaching was money very well spent.


    • Kenny M.

    Working with Xeno Müller has truly been a life changing experience. Before enlisting Xeno's help I was an average rower on my high school team. I enlisted Xeno Müller's help spring of my Sophomore year. Using Xeno's workouts over the summer of my sophomore year led me to be at the front of the pack of my high school team coming into my junior year. I continued working with Xeno throughout the fall and winter of my Junior year, doing technical work, strength training and erging. At my local qualification regatta (midwinter meltdown in Madison) I was two seconds off of qualifying for a free flight to crash bs. Despite failing to qualify (which had been my goal) I continued training and still attended crash bs. When it came to race day I knew I was the fastest junior lightweight there and I had faith in Xeno's training plan. Fortunately my hard work paid off and I won the crash bs hammer. After crash bs I continued working with Xeno and Conal Groom (Head coach of Seattle Rowing Center and Mens JNT Sculling team) in pursuit of the US Junior National team. I was able to make the US JR 4x to compete at the world championships in Hamburg Germany. Through my success in rowing which made possible by Xeno and Conal I now will have the chance to attended the school of my dreams for Lightweight Rowing.


    • David F. 
    It gives me great pleasure to provide the strongest possible support for the nomination of Xeno Muller for the Thomas Keller Award.  I am a Physician and Professor at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto.  I have also been a rower since the age of 13 (I am now 45).  I have competed at a variety of levels, but as a busy professional with children saw rowing gradually get crowded out of my life.  I connected with Xeno three years ago, and despite the physical distance between us (he in California, me in Toronto) his good humor, wise advice, excellent guidance on training and nutrition, and accessibility brought me back to the sport, first through indoor rowing, and now on the water, where I again compete as a sculler.  I have been so impressed by Xeno's love of rowing and commitment to teaching and coaching young athletes, through the use of webcasts and emerging technologies. 

    He is tireless, dedicated to the sport and dedicated to making athletes achieve their best potential.  Not insignificantly, he is multilingual, and this has allowed him to be, literally, a global ambassador for the sport in the very best sense.  And of course, anyone who has followed international rowing over the past few decades is very aware of Xeno's many achievements as an athlete.  In summary, my connection to Xeno has brought me back to the sport that I love, and I know he has allowed countless other rowers to meet their potential.  I support his nomination in the strongest possible terms.

    David N. Fisman, MD MPH FRCP(C)
    Professor, Epidemiology and Medicine