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  • 5 Rowing Nutrition Tips In Less Than 4 minutes.

    1. When whole foods are not your first option.

    2. Female rowers need to pay special attention to their iron levels.

    3. A nighttime snack that balances calorie intake and expenditure while replenishing vitamins and minerals. 

    4. Reasons to stay well hydrated.

    5. Understanding sugar quantity in refreshments and its consequences. 

    There are many moving parts to achieving a successful rowing career.   Refueling one's body is a crucial part to achieving great performance.  

    Xeno Müller, Elite Rowing coach.

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    • Me says...

      One of you brought up the label of Carnation Instant Breakfast, which has a bunch of ingredients that are hard to pronounce.

      Most of the hard to pronounce words are the full names of the vitamins. Luckily whole sugar is being used.

      At the beginning of the list are a couple ingredients that are not part of my “whole foods” band wagon. It is very difficult to find good “instant” food supplements with as little food engineering as possible.

      On January 11, 2015

    • Larry Sobel says...

      Hi Xeno,

      Always happy to receive your good advice. That woman sold her gym so we never began the rowing program. Just as well though, because my Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam gave rise to a second cancer, CML. However, because I’m still in pretty good shape I’m doing well with it.

      If you remember, I broke my scapula in a biking accident and my shoulder still gets tired when I row. I just started P90X to see if I can get back to 100%.

      I always enjoy your emails.


      On January 10, 2015

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