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  • WATCH: Crash B / 5 Mistakes to Avoid / Lowering Erg Score / Rowing in College a Life Changing Experience

    @8 minutes: 45 seconds, listen to crucial information on the importance of erg score and lack of quality of coaching at the club level.

    • Rowing in College is a Life Changing Experience
    • The Erg Score is the SAT for Rowing
    • To get recruited to college a good erg score is needed
    • Top 5 Huge Mistakes to Avoid when training to get a better erg score
    • Comparing Elite Coaching to what is "simply available" at the club level
    • Outperforming the competition beyond the club boundaries
    • Good coaching vs. coaching through fear and questioning rower's motivation

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    • Mitch Orfuss says...

      I’m 65, 5’ 9 1/2," 160 pounds. Was a 49-second quarter-miler in college who never stopped working out. Love to work-out, probably over-trained, and under-performed as a competitor, which leaves me feeling incomplete. I started indoor rowing 25 years ago, fell in love with it, and pretty much row 6000 – 8000 meters every day I don’t take a 5-mile run in Central Park. I’ve always thought I could compete in age-group indoor rowing, but haven’t trained to race, only to the point of low-level suffering. I’m a skinny ectomorph—could never add muscle—so not genetically gifted for rowing. But the older I get the more I’m intrigued by seeing what I could do at, say, the CRASH-B’s. I’ve watched you win Olympic gold many times on video. Best, Mitch Orfuss

      On November 20, 2014

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