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  • 10 Seconds Faster in 30 Days. Guaranteed --> read on to learn how:

    "Rowing in college is a life changing experience.

    It was for me. I was recruited to row at Brown University and loved every second of it.
    Getting recruited to row in college requires an erg score.
    An erg score is like the SAT of rowing.  Coaches use the erg score to build their recruiting list.
    A faster erg score improves a high school rower’s chances to get recruited to college. 
    Thanks to my elite coaching family tree, I have the coaching experience to offer a 10 second 2K improvement over 30 days.
    A ten second improvement can make rowing a life changing experience for a high school rower who seeks to get recruited.

    For further information, simply get in touch with me.
    949-400-7630 or xeno@xenocoach.com
    I look forward to talking with you."


    Discover my elite coaching family tree which you can become part of:

  • Before we start working together, use your smartphone and record from the side a new 2K and without stopping the recording show your final result on the performance monitor.  I will give you instructions where to upload.
  • YES it is guaranteed!  Here is how:
  • You must follow EVERY workout.
  • Take screenshot photos of the performance monitor after every workout.
  • You are not allowed to do extra workouts that are not listed on the training plan.
  • An initial all-out 2K needs to be filmed and submitted in order to be considered for the program.
  • At the end of the 30 days an ALL OUT 2K needs to be performed to assess the progress.
  • Call me: 949-400-7630
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