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  • Race pace with minimal effort.


    Blending power and glide, above is an example:

    • The average weight of a rowing shell per athlete varies from 14KG (single scull) to 19.3KG (8+ including the weight of the coxswain)
    • Shell bounce is a major boat run killer.
    • Sloppy catches lead to speed stopping checks... every single time a stroke is taken.
    • Finishes that wash out, slow the boat down and make high stroke rates difficult and leads to reverse ratio. (Rush)
    • "All knees and elbows" muscular engagement stifles racing speed.  Quote from The Boys In A Boat

    The footage above shows my sculling a few days before the world championships.



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    • Cal Sutliff says...

      Thanks, Xeno. So, standing on the footboards to lift your butt during the catch to lift the boat out of the water and reduce wetted surface is not a good idea ? Probably enhances shell bounce.

      I’m on it!

      On June 30, 2014

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