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    When I trained by myself, I loved listen to music:


    1. Train with music it is good for the competitive brain

    • Above is a group who posted their rendition of a newer famous song. 
    • This type of song is what I listened to when I rode my bike along the Pacific Coast as I trained for Olympic Games and world championships.
    • The high notes and chorus gave me chills and goose bumps and it also brew competitive aggression in me.
    • It is weird that such a beautiful song generated "an all or nothing attitude" in my body and soul.

    2. When training as a team in winter, and indoors....

    • The winter months are upon us.  This means lots of training indoors.  
    • I recommend having workouts when athletes can listen to their own tunes.
    • I believe that some melodies are more conductive to better rowing and although faster-hard hitting tunes can be motivating, these may not be conductive to further technique and smooth powerful accelerations.

    3. Other tunes I enjoyed listening to:

    Music is awesome, use it to train better.  I understand the mind of a competitor like you, join my Performer Program



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    • Russ says...

      Enya is our under the stars with a telescope music…about as far away in activity level from rowing as you are likely to ever be.

      On November 24, 2013

    • Jane Wilson says...

      Interesting selection. I listened to Enya while working on my architectural thesis…. kept me going and allowed my mind to “float” to solutions. Made me feel committed to the project.

      Thanks, Xeno, for these training ideas ….

      On November 24, 2013

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