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  • 10 Seconds Faster in 30 Days*

    With Elite Coaching you will drastically improve your erg score.  Elite Coaching worked for me.  I was recruited to Brown University where we stayed undefeated and I went on to win Olympic gold and silver.  I was not the tallest or the strongest but the best trained.  Watch my short presentation: 

    • Your club coach may be well-meaning, but the truth is that he or she has never consistently produced high performing athletes year after year who were recruited to top collegiate rowing programs.  I have.  
    • Parents of High School rowers pick Elite Coaching to help them progress faster, watch here.
    • * Elite Coaching meshes seamlessly with a junior club rower's schedule.  *In the case of the 10 second faster in 30 days guarantee only the Elite Coaching workouts must be followed, and all workouts recorded.  Ask for further details. 949-400-7630

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    • Brooke Leech says...

      I would love to get learn more information about your program and how it could potentially help me.

      On September 23, 2016

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