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  • Rowing an Crosstraining as a lifestyle for a lifetime.

    This is not my usual blog entry since it is not about competitive rowing 🤭 directly, (I will explain later.) I just returned home from a lovely nature excursion along the Orange County Coast between Laguna Beach and Crystal Cove State Park. The air was crisp and the views of the Pacific were clear as you can see on the pictures below. Being able to go discover nature the way I did, is a result of being fit through rowing.  I took my Kickbike and loved every second of it. Below is the local map and in red the trails...

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  • Every single day of coaching is a new opportunity.

    As part of my private elite coaching, I run a daily confidential blog for rowers and their parents.  I summarize specific subjects that stand out the most and blog about them.  It is a great way to share information about rowing beyond an individual’s primary technical checklist. Rowing is not just about physical work, but also how athletes prepare and digest workouts mentally.   I always remind parents that they are welcome to reach out to me anytime.  Their intel is very important to me :-) and the success of our coaching.   The window of opportunity for high school...

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  • URGENT! College Recruiting Information: Female high school rowers need to be trained differently then their male counterparts.


    Years of analysis and experience show that successful junior women rowers are coached differently then the common male-centric training method. Act now, ELITE COACHING optimizes your training.


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  • Elite Coaching Communication and Dynamic Learning

    Here is a short blog entry about Elite Coaching Communication.  Rowing in college was my dream.  I fulfilled my dream thanks to the amazing coaching I received when I was a high school rower.  As luck had it, I had an Elite Rowing Coach at my club in France, and another in Switzerland. Both understood what it took physically, technically, and mentally, to bring me to the top.  Today, I teach my students what I learned from my Elite Coaches and how I put it into practice as a competitor.  If you click on this link you will learn about my Elite Coaching...

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  • Do you have a dream of rowing in college?

    Most high school rowers mistakenly think that obtaining the 2k erg time which their coach says that they need, will enable them to realize their goal. It is not. Most high school coaches do not know the real 2k score you need to get recruited to the college of your dreams. They certainly don’t know the 2k score you need to put you in a position to row on that college’s A boat –...
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  • Capture your Olympic dream.

    With Elite Coaching you can have the technique that maximizes your potential, the training that brings you in the top 0.5%, and the mental coaching that gets you to the gold medal.    It is never too early to start.  Not only can you be the fastest in your club, go to the college of your dreams, be highly recruited, but you can reach the Olympics, don’t cut yourself short, the window is small, but the opportunity is there.  Get Elite Coaching. 

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  • A-BOAT

    In rowing, these amateur coaches have not experienced rowing at the highest level. They have no concept of the technique which enables speed, or the mental and physical training required to build a young rower to the required physiology to successfully earn a seat on the A-BOAT at the top universities in the United States.
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  • Golden Meters Rowing, Strictly to improve 2K Potential

    Through Elite Coaching I was able to get recruited to Brown University, stay undefeated in the varsity and win Olympic gold and silver in the men's single scull.  Today, I enjoy helping rowers achieve their full potential as high school rowers seeking to get recruited to college and get their best possible erg score.   I am excited to coach our Golden Meters Erg Clinic.  Our next one is on December 9. and 10. here in lovely Costa Mesa.   Follow this LINK to learn more and sign up. During the camp participants will learn the technical rowing secrets I learned from my Elite Rowing Coaches,...

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  • Where does Self Discipline come from? Finding the Inner Beast.

    A page from Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual by Jocko Willink Motivation and self discipline are primary ingredients for building a successful career/life in pretty much anything the world has to offer.   Over the years, the right coaches channel self discipline and motivation in athletes to help them achieve almost superhuman athletic feats.  I strongly believe that elite coaches can wake up the "inner beast" in people to help them achieve new personal bests.   Without a doubt, inner beasts come in all shapes and sizes.  This is what makes coaching exciting, as one never quite knows what type of sleeping beast gets awoken.  Check back for more...  Know...

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  • International Competition for US high school rowers seeking to get recruited to college:

    It is this time of year again, when recruits get their official letters.  Many international recruits got theirs.  Below is an article just about that.  Simply put, competition is stiff for US high school rowers to get recruited to college rowing programs.  Watch my short presentation on why it is CRUNCH TIME for high school rowers. Join one of my GOLDEN METERS training camps.

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  • Retina Burning and Weaponizing.

    They don't know what hit them, when one of my rowers turns up at a competition.  My rowers get weaponized. 


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  • Rowing with Xeno and his Signature Waterrower

    Luke Gheen rowing with Xeno MullerBesides Elite Coaching for top performance seeking individuals, other rowers also enjoy the fitness of rowing, rowing as a lifestyle. In this case rowers use Xeno's Signature Waterrower and follow a fun online workout library. 
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  • Congratulations Kai! Thank you for your great testimonial.

    Being a lightweight on a team dominated by heavyweights was hard. 

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  • Freshmen and Sophomores in high school, time is of essence:

    Rowing Coach

    Parents of high school rowers, if your son or daughter wants to get recruited to college, this information is extremely important. 

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  • STROKE a brand new coaching package

    Xeno Muller Elite Rowing Coach

    Elite coaches changed the course of my life when I was a junior rower.  You can learn more about them in my Elite Coaching Family Tree video HERE.  At the time, I did not quite realize how valuable their coaching was.  I thought winning was simply happening because of the effort I was putting into my training.  Little did I know that the world of rowing was full of athletes who had the same dreams as I did.  What set my career apart from all the others is the ELITE information I was getting on how to train, how to move my body and how to think about being a top performing athlete.

    STROKE is free when added to ongoing coaching or camp within 90 days.

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