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  • Surreal Time With Coronoavirus: Online Rowing Camp Available Now.

    Starting immediately, I am making my newest coaching program available. US boarding schools are in the process of canceling their entire spring rowing season.  My coaching program helps high school rowers, who want to get recruited to their dream school, improve their ERG SCORE.  Train at home and get online with me and other rowers for Elite Coaching. “Getting recruited to Brown University was a life changing experience for me. I have Elite Coaching to thank for it and winning Olympic gold and silver in the single scull. I am arguably the most successful high school rowing coach. My students...

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  • No Travel Needed: Elite Coaching Summer Rowing Camp

    Health Concerns? This summer, train worry free with Elite Rowing Coach Xeno Muller. No travel required. Enjoy group workouts lead by Xeno. Weekly one on one private coaching sessions. Tailored training program to make the first boat and get recruited.  Rowing Technique Frame by Frame analysis.  24/7 communication with Xeno Because of current health worry, higher demand is real.  Sign up now. Feel free to call or text: 949-400-7630    

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  • URGENT! College Recruiting Information: Female high school rowers need to be trained differently then their male counterparts.


    Years of analysis and experience show that successful junior women rowers are coached differently then the common male-centric training method. Act now, ELITE COACHING optimizes your training.


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  • I have fond memories of racing internationally.

    Link to article  

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  • I would like to row like Xeno

    Follow the link to watch it on YouTube :-) https://youtu.be/3fXMohwoe-Y

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  • Freshmen and Sophomores in high school, time is of essence:

    Rowing Coach

    Parents of high school rowers, if your son or daughter wants to get recruited to college, this information is extremely important. 

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  • State of FLow

    The more you know about your sport the better the training results become when you reach the “Flow State.”My Elite Coaches made it crystal clear what I needed to work on. After special warm ups, I would reach Flow State and time would fly by. It is an incredible feeling improving without being bombarded with useless thoughts. Today, I found this clip about Flow State on YouTube and loved it so much that I wanted to share it with the community at large. https://youtu.be/0PGar1jQSVI

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  • A little row for body and mind on my Signature Waterrower.

    Rowing at any age is good for the body.  You can see me rowing and chatting about the sport and what you can do with a Signature Waterrower and how similar yet different it is from an ERG. 

    #rowing @waterrower 

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  • Testimonial from Dr. D.

    I met Xeno Muller at Brown University in 1992 and he was physically the strongest human being I have ever met in my entire life. He proved this to be true as a rower and athlete worldwide through his multiple Olympic medals in 1996 (Gold)and 2000 (Silver). Xeno and I have crossed paths again now over 20 years later.Now I appreciate Xeno for being one of the kindest and smartest individuals I have known. Xeno’s ability to teach, motivate, and articulate athletic concepts are altogether exceptional. These qualities along with his positive personality make him an effective coach. I re-introduced...

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  • The workings of Harvard Men’s Crew, cool rowing documentary.

    Inside Rowing: Harvard Men's Crew from Sneeky || Nick Trojan on Vimeo.

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  • March Elite Coaching Erg Camps

    This March, I am running a set of erg camps. They are each 3 days long and limited to 4 participants. I am looking forward to helping rowers safely achieve their rowing dreams.  Thanks to Elite Coaching, I stayed injury free throughout my career. Rowing injury free should be the norm for every athlete. Unfortunately, this is not the case. In the US, new rowers rarely get enough coaching attention at their clubs. This leads to bad technical habits, frustration, power loss, and many times chronic injuries. I look forward to coaching the camps and having the rowers steadily get closer to achieving their...

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  • Power curves are an important self coaching tool, USE IT!

    Do you watch your power curve when you train?   You should. Power curves can tell you how you connect to the blade or the flywheel.   Be aware of the differences on how the power curves are calculated. Some machines use time versus distance to establish the X-axis.  Have you heard of “high plateau, double valley, shark fin acceleration?”  Those are terms used when observing power curves.  No matter what age the rower is, learning the right way is never too late.  I was lucky with my Elite Coaches.  They tuned me in to understanding power curves at a young...

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  • The window of opportunity for high school rowers to improve their erg score is small.

    I just finished coaching our Erg Winter Camp here in Orange County, California.  Here are some of my thoughts: Making Elite Coaching information available early in a rower’s career has immediate performance impact. Teaching rowers how to strengthen physical weaknesses prevents chronic injuries. Training intensity evaluation helps rowers avoid overtraining and maximize results of time invested. Psychological tips and tricks help overcome physical and mental barriers at different stages of development.  Correct stretching shields rowers from back injuries. Discussing training methods gives rowers a deeper understanding of club conditioning, its shortcomings, and how to maximize the outcome despite it. It...

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  • To Achieve High Performance, Details Matter, But It Depends Who You Ask.

    Details matter, but what constitutes a “detail that matters” depends on who you ask.  This morning, I physiologically evaluated a great local rower on his bike, which was set up on a home trainer.  As I walked up to him, I noticed how his bike was set up and how it affected his leg-drive.  I immediately spotted a “rigging” issue.  The angle of his knee and his pedal stroke were off, not by much, but enough to catch my eye. To a trained eye this was a detail that mattered, a major issue, because it could definitely lead to a...

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  • BOGO TIME! 2 for 1 Eagles!

    Buy One, Get One

    The holidays are a great time to improve upon the rest of the field by investing more in your performance. 

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