Confidential Log, don’t share with the outside.

  • Staying focused

    I hope you had a peaceful week with good training.  

    Things to remember: 

    • Log your mileage, how you feel, splits and heart rate. Share screenshots of your workouts with me.
    • Make sure you listen to your body and take breaks from training when your body tells you to slow down. The workout plan is not written in stone. 
    • If you have the onset of a cold, or you don’t feel 100%, avoid hard workouts, reduce training volume, and blow off practice.  Better safe than getting really sick. 
    • Make sure you drink enough, and use carbs and electrolytes during your workouts. 
    • Find the groove for the long distance work by thinking of your technical check list.  If you need a refresher on this, just get in touch with me.
    • Some of you are on a holidays without being able to take rowing strokes.  Enjoy the change of scenery and cross train at least 60 to 90 minutes per day.
    • Let me know if you need a pep talk.  We can have one in real time or ask me for a couple videos about motivation. 


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