• News & Rowing Updates

    • Dynamic Rowing Machines an advantage for on the water performance.

      Rowers have the choice between static and dynamic rowing machines when it is not possible to train in a boat on the water. It is however the dynamic machines that give rowers a competitive advantage. There are different brands of dynamic rowing machines: RP3, Concept2 Dynamic, Concept2 D on Slides,...

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    • 1936 Olympics: University of Washington wins Gold.

      A great documentary available on Netflix.  The story of a U.S. crew, built entirely from students of the University of Washington.  They traveled across the Atlantic and nullified Hitler’s dream of winning Olympic Gold in the men’s eight.  https://www.netflix.com/title/80167684 A great read is also The Boys in the Boat. https://www.amazon.com/Boys-Boat-Americans-Berlin-Olympics/dp/0143125478...

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    • The Kiwi Pair book, an awesome quote about being an exceptional rower.

      “Rowing is a sport that leaves no room for half measures, and has no place for any athlete who is not prepared to give everything they can. That commitment comes with sacrifice, but the trick is not to think of it as that. A champion rower does not acknowledge sacrifice;...

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