• News & Rowing Updates

    • To Achieve High Performance, Details Matter, But It Depends Who You Ask.

      Details matter, but what constitutes a “detail that matters” depends on who you ask.  This morning, I physiologically evaluated a great local rower on his bike, which was set up on a home trainer.  As I walked up to him, I noticed how his bike was set up and how...

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    • BOGO TIME! 2 for 1 Eagles!

      Buy One, Get One

      The holidays are a great time to improve upon the rest of the field by investing more in your performance. 

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    • Here is a little glimpse into my coaching life:

      The above picture shows me working with a rower on the East Coast in real time.  The internet is awesome! I love sitting outside in my backyard in Southern California and help rowers attain new heights! My wife took this screenshot on Friend Finder while I was coaching in the...

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