• News & Rowing Updates

    • State of FLow

      The more you know about your sport the better the training results become when you reach the “Flow State.”My Elite Coaches made it crystal clear what I needed to work on. After special warm ups, I would reach Flow State and time would fly by. It is an incredible feeling...

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    • A little row for body and mind on my Signature Waterrower.

      Rowing at any age is good for the body.  You can see me rowing and chatting about the sport and what you can do with a Signature Waterrower and how similar yet different it is from an ERG. 

      #rowing @waterrower 

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    • Testimonial from Dr. D.

      I met Xeno Muller at Brown University in 1992 and he was physically the strongest human being I have ever met in my entire life. He proved this to be true as a rower and athlete worldwide through his multiple Olympic medals in 1996 (Gold)and 2000 (Silver). Xeno and I...

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