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    • A-BOAT

      In rowing, these amateur coaches have not experienced rowing at the highest level. They have no concept of the technique which enables speed, or the mental and physical training required to build a young rower to the required physiology to successfully earn a seat on the A-BOAT at the top universities in the United States.
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    • Golden Meters Rowing, Strictly to improve 2K Potential

      Through Elite Coaching I was able to get recruited to Brown University, stay undefeated in the varsity and win Olympic gold and silver in the men's single scull.  Today, I enjoy helping rowers achieve their full potential as high school rowers seeking to get recruited to college and get their best possible...

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    • Where does Self Discipline come from? Finding the Inner Beast.

      A page from Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual by Jocko Willink Motivation and self discipline are primary ingredients for building a successful career/life in pretty much anything the world has to offer.   Over the years, the right coaches channel self discipline and motivation in athletes to help them achieve almost superhuman athletic feats.  I strongly believe that...

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