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    • Getting Recruited To A College Rowing Program

      The questions you are asking yourself right now are, 'Could I be getting better faster?' 'Are there technical secrets that could make me faster?' 'Can additional training help me to surpass the competition?'

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    • College Recruiting: 3 Things High School Juniors Have To Know

      I can help you significantly improve your erg score and change the course of your life, just as the greatest rowing coaches in the world have done for me. Coaching is my life's passion and I would love to have a conversation with you about your experiences and goals. You owe it to yourself to at least explore Elite Coaching.

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    • Watch the presentation: Elite Coaching on dropping 10 seconds in 30 days on the erg.

      If you are training hard to get recruited to row in college you will be interested in my elite coaching service. Watch this short presentation and make getting recruited to college a reality. I graduated from Brown University. It was thanks to a set of Elite coaches that I set an indoor rowing world record, stayed undefeated with Brown, and won Olympic gold and silver.

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